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Our Mission Statement

As one of the oldest financial services firms in the industry, with roots dating to 1937, Waddell & Reed doesn't take its heritage for granted. We're privileged to manage our clients' money and do so knowing our work is backed by values that shape our vision and guide our business decisions.

Our value system-The Seven Cs- guides our work and communicates who we are. These visible, real and attainable values are celebrated and highlighted in company communications and our corporate relationships.

*CLIENTS. Everything we do should have the client at its center.

*CHARACTER. In spirit and in practice, we strive to meet or exceed the ethical and operating standards that govern our business.

*COMMITMENT. We bring a sense of urgency to our work every day, striving to give the best of ourselves to our clients and to our organization.

*CONVERGENCE. We bring unique value to our clients though the combination of investment products, experienced investment management and a national network of financial advisors.

*CREATION. We are focused on building upon our team of financial advisors, our product and service offerings, and our results.

*COMPETITIVENESS. We offer competitive products, services and professional acumen with other providers in the investment and financial planning business.

*CAMARADERIE. We continue to foster Waddell & Reed's unique, familial culture.